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Slow Pitch Jigging Kit

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OTI Slow Pitch Jigging Kit

The Slow Pitch Jigging Kit is your comprehensive solution for diving into the exciting world of slow pitch jigging. Designed with beginners and experienced anglers in mind, this kit offers a carefully curated selection of jigs and accessories to enhance your fishing success.

Included in the Ocean Tackle International Slow Pitch Jigging Kit is everything you need to get started or expand your collection. From the OTI Black Jig & Lure Bag to keep your gear organized, to the OTI Decal showcasing your love for the sport, this kit has you covered.

The kit features OTI Ricochet Jigs, Slow Pitch Jigs, and Degen Jigs in various weights and vibrant colors, designed to entice a wide range of species. This range of high-quality jigs ensures you have the right jig for different fishing conditions. Completing the kit are the Ocean Tackle Raptor Assist Hooks, which provide secure and effective hooksets.

Take your slow pitch jigging to the next level with the Slow Pitch Jigging Kit. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler, this kit offers the essential jigs needed to improve your your slow pitch jigging adventures. Embrace the thrill and precision of slow pitch jigging with confidence and success with Ocean Tackle International.

Included in Kit:

  • (1) Extreme Jig Bag - Black
  • (1) OTI Logo Vinyl Decal - 5in x 5in
  • (1) Raptor Assist Hook - 6/0 - 5 Pack
  • (1) Ricochet Jig - 60g - Blue/Pink
  • (1) Slow Pitch Jig 80g - Chartreuse
  • (1) Degen Jig - 100g - Silver
  • (1) Slow Pitch Jig 155g Blue/Pink
  • (1) Ricochet Jig - 200g - Chartreuse
  • (1) Degen Jig - 250g - Silver
  • (1) Ricochet Jig - 300g - Blue/Pink

Kit Content Details:

OTI Extreme Jig Bag:
The Extreme Jig Bag is a smaller more compact version from the previous model. The internal D-Ring is perfect for attaching a pair of split ring pliers on a lanyard to. The two external pockets are perfect for keeping your terminal tackle organized. This Extreme Jig Bag is built tough and designed for your everyday jigging needs. This bag can withstand anything you can throw in it.

OTI Vinyl Decal 5 x 5:
Ocean Tackle International vinyl decal sticker.

OTI Raptor Assist Hooks:
Raptor Assist Hooks - Glow are sabiki style raptor assist hooks that share the same features as the standard assist hooks, but with unique iridescent glow in the dark fish skin with sparkle thread. Disguises hooks for visually effective daytime and nighttime jigging.

OTI Slow Pitch Jigs:
Slow Pitch Jigs were developed from the Japanese Slow Jigging Technique. These Jigs have a slower rate of descent to replicateæa shocked or stunned bait fish which gives the jig more time to get bit. This is due to the keel weighted and slope design on the underside of the jig witch gives its erratic actions on the fall.

OTI Ricochet Jigs:
The Ricochet jig is a great mid to deep water fish magnet. Its sleek, slender profile allows it to get down deep much faster and have an erratic darting action on the retrieve. Comes in three vibrant color with glow stripes that are sure to attract anything in the column or close to the bottom. Comes rigged with a Raptor Glow Assist Hook, Split Ring and HD Solid Ring.

OTI Degen Jigs:
The Degen Jig is the perfect combination of a slow pitch jig and vertical jig. The rigid keel on the front side will reduce the speed of the fall and produce an even consistent flutter action, while the backside has a reverse contour that will provide a large darting action when speed jigging. The three vibrant color with glow stripes are sure to attract anything in the water column or on the bottom. Comes rigged with a Raptor Glow Assist Hook, Split Ring and HD Solid Ring.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DINP and Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.