About Us

Ocean Tackle International (OTI) has established itself as the premier brand based in the United States for advanced performance saltwater tackle, specializing in Japanese style Jigging and Popping rods, lures, line and accessories targeting tuna, amberjack, wahoo, mahi mahi, grouper, and many other big game species.


OTI was established in 2006 by three avid fishermen with a combined offshore experience of over five decades. Seeking the latest and greatest in lightweight yet heavy-duty high-performance jigging and popping tackle, they found that these products often had to be sourced from Japan and were usually overpriced and difficult to get serviced. After seven years of sourcing these products for personal use and re-rigging store bought products with better components, they decided to pursue a concept that is now OTI.


The concept is simple: Develop advanced products of uncompromising quality with the best components at a price that makes them available to more anglers. OTI continually strives to meet this goal and is constantly researching to expand on successes while offshore.


In addition to our own field testing, we have a great network of friends, including captains and professional fishermen that put our products to the test all around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support and the many beautiful photographs and wonderful fishing stories that they have contributed.


The OTI team continues to support and expand an extensive network of authorized dealers throughout the United States and internationally, foreseeing tremendous opportunity to grow OTI sales, and strengthen the OTI Brand across the dealer network. Understanding that the local independent dealer is the backbone of the recreational fishing industry and OTI, the main objective is to empower independent OTI dealers to grow their sales.