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End Game Standup Rods

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End Game Standup Rods
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Model Type Length Pieces Power Action Line
Rear Grip
# of
OTI-EGS62040M Conventional 6'0" 1 Medium Mod-Fast 20-40 lb N/A N/A 11.75 in 10 in Alps Aluminum 6+tip
OTI-EGS63050MH Conventional 6'0" 1 Med-Heavy Mod-Fast 30-50 lb N/A N/A 11.75 in 10 in Alps Aluminum 6+tip
OTI-EGS65080H Conventional 6'0" 1 Heavy Mod-Fast 50-80 lb N/A 24.8 oz 11.75 in 10 in Alps Aluminum 6+tip

End Game Standup Rods

Introducing the Ocean Tackle International End Game Standup Rod - the ultimate offshore standup trolling rod. Crafted with precision to meet the needs of serious anglers, our End Game standup rod boasts a Toray Carbon blank that delivers superior strength, sensitivity, and responsiveness. This innovative material provides unparalleled power and a light-weight feel, while also providing the strength needed to haul in large fish.

Equipped with Alps HXN guides, this rod ensures that your line moves smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of snags and tangles. The X-Wrap Foregrip adds comfort and stability to your grip, allowing you to maintain your hold on the rod even in wet conditions. The Alps CAH Aluminum Reel Seat keeps your reel securely in place, while the Alps Aluminum Gimbal adds stability and balance to your fishing setup.

The 10" slick butt provides ease of movement in and out of rod holder whether you're checking baits, changing lures or setting a hook. The Alps Aluminum Gimbal ensures that your rod stays in place, reducing fatigue and strain on your arms and shoulders.

With all of these features combined, the OTI End Game standup rod is the perfect tool for any offshore fishing excursion. But, these rods are not just tools; they are an extension of your passion and determination. Take your offshore angling to new heights with the Ocean Tackle International End Game Standup Rods.

End Game Standup Rod Features:

  • Toray Carbon Rod Blank
  • Alps HXN Guides
  • X-Wrap Foregrip
  • Alps CAH Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Alps Aluminum Gimbal
  • Slick Butt Reargrip
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DINP and Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.